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Interracial Relationship

Thank you for visiting the Interracial Family Organization website. Whether you are biracial/multiracial, in an interracial marriage or committed relationship, or are the parent of a biracial/multiracial child (through birth or adoption), are NOT of mixed race but support our mission, OR if you are curious about our mission and possibly reconsidering what you’ve been told about interracial relationships and the children born from them, all of our readers will find resources, information, advocacy, support, and a sense of familiarity here!

The IFO was inspired by Beth and Terence McKay’s experience of blatant prejudice when their petition for marriage was rejected by a Justice of the Peace in Hammond, LA simply because their union was of mixed race. Founded by Laura Stillman (owner of I Am the Glue), Kat Robertson (owner of For the Love of Chaos), and Jennifer Morris (owner of Living With Purpose), the Interracial Family Organization was designed to bring people of ALL colors/cultures together to celebrate the beauty of our diversity.

The MISSION of the IFO is to facilitate the cultural recognition of interracial/multicultural families and disassociate this culture from longstanding stigma by exposing and discrediting stereotypes. Branching off of that statement, we intend to provide so much more than simply strategic and passionate defense of our character and integrity - we intend to enlighten society of the wonderful contributions our community makes every day.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the prejudices our community faces, to provide support to one another, and to offer a medium for each voice to be heard! If you would like to be featured on the Interracial Family Organization website, please email your information as follows:

  • Limit of ONE: Article with relevance to racially/culturally blended life (personal or otherwise – original articles ONLY!)
  • Photographs of members of your family WITH expressed permission for publication on our website for EACH person in the photo

Please submit your article and photos to team@interracialfamily.org or submit to our network:


Again, thank you for participating in and supporting our vision!
Kat Robertson (kjr@interracialfamily.org)
Laura Stillman (ljs@interracialfamily.org)
Jennifer Morris (jbm@interracialfamily.org)

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